Examination accessibility arrangements. Can my personal youngster has unique arrangements for examinations or examinations?

In the event the youngsters has a special academic need or disability that places all of them at a drawback for examinations and checks, it may be feasible for unique agreements to-be meant to level the performing field.

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When your youngster has actually a particular informative want or disability that leaves all of them at a downside for studies and tests, it may possibly be feasible for unique agreements getting designed to level the acting field.

These are typically known as ‘access arrangements’ and would appear in broad sounding affordable manipulations underneath the Equality Act.

Access preparations might incorporate:

  • Extra time to complete the test.
  • Sleep breaks.
  • Sitting the examination in a small place rather than the primary hall.
  • Using technology like a notebook or examination researching pen.
  • Modified examination components, e.g. huge print or braille.
  • A scribe or audience.
  • A prompter to keep the prospect on task.

Public checks

The Joint Council on skills (JCQ) possess developed guidance on access preparations for community checks particularly GCSEs, a degrees and vocational skills. Read more